The benefits

Low fuel consumption

With a small wet surface and a light construction the Fast Forward Hull has little resistance in the water and consumes less fuel. Tests in open water shows as much as 50% lower fuel consumption compared to other boats with similar performance. Low fuel consumption also means less cost for the owner of the boat.


High speed

The light but strong Fast Forward Hull in combination with a small wet surface makes it possible to drive fast, with maintained safety, even with a less powerful engine compared to similar boats. Strakes on the hull makes it stable in high speed and the length is optimized for going on top of open water waves.

Low emissions

With low fuel consumption comes low emissions and less greenhouse gases, a must in order for us to limit global temprature rise to 1,5 degrees Celsius, according to UN’s climate goal number 13. Lower emissions are also achieved in the production process since 20% less material is needed for building the Fast Forward Hull.

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What else we provide

Patented technology

The Fast Forward Hull is a patented, SE1500423-7, technology since 2015. A unique idea and innovation consisting of both old and new knowledge and experience.


We offer consultancy when buying and implementing the Fast Forward Hull technology to make the transition of production as smooth as possible.

Research & Development

Research and development is costly and takes time and resources. The Fast Forward Boat Hull is the result of many years of R & D.

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Who we are

We offer a patented, high performance, hull technology designed and created from a sustainability perspective, both environmentally and economically, with low fuel consumption in mind.

  • 50% less fuel consumption compared to similar boats
  • 20% less material for production
  • 69% less wet surface compared to similar boats
  • 100% performance in speed and safety
Fuel consumption
Wet surface


About us

Fast Forward Boat Hulls is a greentech company focused to design the boat hulls of the future. Founded in 2015 in the archipelago of the Swedish Westcoast with the aim to become the world leader in sustainable, high performance, motor boat hull design. "It is time for serious boat builders to take responsibility for our globe and care for the environment by offering their customers motor boats with low fuel consumption built on a FFWD HULL for a more sustainable boat life."

Latest news

Meet us when we are presenting at climate seminar

Meet us at Båtmässan in Gothenburg Tuesday February 5th when we are participating and presenting in the seminar “How can the boating industry take a bigger climate responsibility?” arranged by Business Region Gothenburg in cooperation with Svenskt Marintekniskt Forum. Read more here >

Swedish scientist Johan Rockström: “On the threshold to a warmer planet”

“We explore the risk that self-reinforcing feedbacks could push the Earth System toward a planetary threshold that, if crossed, could prevent stabilization of the climate at intermediate temperature rises and cause continued warming on a “Hothouse Earth” pathway even as human emissions are reduced.” Read the whole article from PNAS here >

Volvo Penta unveils hybrid marine propulsion concept

Designed to enable zero emission running for marine vessels, Volvo Penta has unveiled a hybrid concept for its IPS propulsion system. The electric-only mode allows entry into environmentally sensitive zones, as well as offering enhanced onboard comfort and boat handling characteristics. Link to Volvo Penta >

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